“5 spots to enjoy afternoon tea in Malé”


“Hingaa Coffee akah aran?” (Let’s go for a coffee?)

Living in the Maldives, this invitation to go have a coffee together, chill and hangout is something you’ll hear often. It’s not that Maldivians are all crazy about coffee or anything, but the phrase which colloquially means to “hang out” has stuck.

Lately, the traditionally festive afternoon teas are making a comeback and are becoming just as popular, especially amongst the “coffee goers”.

Local restaurants are picking up on the tea trend and are now offering a wide range of traditional and contemporary options for tea with buffets and a la carte menus in between 3 to 6 pm.

Short eats are great at almost everywhere in the country but these restaurants are some of the most popular hangouts in the capital to indulge in some twilight flavors.

1. Jazz Café

Jazz Café is popular amongst people of all ages. Part of the owner’s family home in the Maafannu ward of the city, the café’s wooden textures, and cozy ambiance will make you feel at home.

This year, Jazz Café introduced an a la carte menu for evening tea with a mini version of their mouth-watering burgers. They also offer the Malaysian hot milk tea, Teh Tarik and a wide range of cakes and pies along with some of the best local favorites, including Fathafolhi. Tropical vibes also go great with their homemade gelatos treats.

Photo Source: Jazz Cafe’ FB page

2. Belle Amie Bistro

 Multi-cuisine restaurant Belle Amie Bistro offers an ‘English High Tea’ on a two-tire platter with hot and cold canapes, different pastries and sweet creations in a warm twinkling atmosphere. They offer a set selection of pastries, tempting savories and a rich mousse of the day or pudding.

Photo Source: Belle Amie Bistro FB page

3. Salt Café and Restaurant

 You can feel at the top of your world with an amazing ocean view on the top floor of Salt Café and Restaurant, located at the bustling marketplace of the = city. Invite a friend and enjoy the sunset views with Salt’s ‘Tea for Two’ option. The refreshing atmosphere offers selected pairs of mini pizzas, cakes and puff pastries.

Photo Source: Instagram @saltcnr

4. Citron by Lemongrass

 Listen to the waves crashing at the seaside as you choose from a large variety of traditional short eats and different western bite-sized treats. The Kiru Boakibaa (Milk Cake) and Gulha offered by Citron are amongst the best in the city. Citron and its heading brand Lemongrass, serve extensive buffets of delicious short eats at all of their restaurants across Malé, including the adjacent Lemongrass Sea View and Lemongrass Fifth on Fareedhee Magu.

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5. Breakwater

Located at the Artificial Beach area on the eastern coast of the city, the beachside café has lots of local options and is a great choice amongst families with kids euphoric of the playground next to the restaurant. Offering almost every local short eat there is, with some fried live, Breakwater is a very popular choice amongst groups during holidays and on weekends.

Photo Source: Breakwater FB page