“Ginger Bakes – A Sweet, Gorgeous Affair”

Ever since I discovered Ginger Bakes on Instagram, I had been dying to try something from their perfectly curated feed. Now that I have, I can assure you that it really is as good as it looks.

While they are probably most well-known for their orange roll, I was particularly impressed by their blueberry one. I devoured every bit of this scrumptious roll, which was filled with tart blueberries and hints of cinnamon, and covered with a light creamy glaze. The roll itself was sweet and soft on the inside, so the flavors and textures were neatly balanced. To contrast the sweetness, I paired it with a cup of coffee and that really made the flavors stand out.

Even though the blueberry roll was enough to sate my cravings, I just had to try their Nutella stuffed donut holes as well, which looked even more appetizing. The deliciously soft, super fluffy donuts came with a generous filling of gooey Nutella and a sprinkling of sugar. The melt-in-the-mouth twist on a regular donut made it really stand out, and despite the Nutella filling it was surprisingly light.  Although not exactly my cup of tea, I imagine it would be a real delight for all the Nutella lovers out there.

Needless to say, Ginger Bakes has really won me over with their delectable treats, and I love the fact that they are equally pleasing for the eyes as they are for the taste buds. Being someone with a soft spot for sweet treats, I honestly can’t wait to try more!

Words by Sadha
Photos by Ginger Bakes