“Teatime snacks on the go”

It’s great to hang out at a breezy café’ with some friends in time for tea. But there are days when we’re running around wrapping things up at work or trying to get to one of those end-of-the-day meetings. At times like these, snacks on the go are lifesavers. Here are some of our favorites.

Boava sticks from The Corner

The Corner has been serving up these amazing Boava sticks for a while now. Always in demand and selling out within minutes, these sticks are the perfect grab-and-go kind of food. Just the right amount of spice, a whole lot of boava chunks and some bell peppers in between, this one’s a classic. Do grab a Masala Chai while you’re at it.

Bodu Masroshi from Oxygen

The evening tea at Oxygen is very popular among us and if you’re having a busy day, we recommend to grab a Bodu Masroshi to go. Perfect for a filling snack (and a classic childhood favorite for breakfast too), this thick masroshi never disappoints. Recommended!

Kulhi Boakibaa from Blood Orange

We love the cool interior of Blood Orange by Cidee’s Kitchen, but there are days when we have to grab a bag and run. For such days, Cidee’s kulhi boakibaa is just perfect. It’s hot (as it should be!), crunchy outside, just the right amount of moist, and full of the valhoamas flavor we love. More of this please!

Meat sticks from Comfood

We keep coming back to Comfood because it’s the perfect spot when you need some good food fast. And yes, we said meat sticks because Comfood is amazing in the way that their menu keeps changing. Whether it’s the beef sticks, Thai chicken sticks, or the elusive Raakani sticks, it’s definitely worth popping in to see what they’ve got.

Words by Itha
Photos by : The Corner, Oxygen, Blood Orange and Masrah