“Traditional Maldivian Egg Curry”

Maldivians love curries. This egg curry is mildly spiced and the use of desiccated coconut makes the curry thicker. However, if you find making the curry paste is hard, you can use a good  store-bought roasted curry powder. I have cooked this curry a few times to fine-tune the recipe. In Maldives, we have smoked tuna readily available and we tend to use some smoked tuna in most of our dishes. I have cooked this recipe without using the smoked tuna, and it turned out quite tasty as well. So for all my vegetarian friends who eat eggs this is a good curry to enjoy.

“Creamy Tuscan Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes”

I was quite apprehensive since tuscan chicken is usually made with heavy cream and I had to substitute it with coconut milk, and I did not want the coconut milk flavour to stand out. Was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out! The coconut milk added a perfect creamy texture and blended so well with all the other ingredients.