“Diet Tips from the Blue Zones”

Blue Zones are regions around the world that have been identified as places where people are the healthiest and live the longest. While genetics play a role in longevity, it can also be attributed to dietary habits and lifestyle. There seem to be similarities in the types of food consumed in the five Blue Zones across the globe, and to demystify longevity, we’ll take a look at their daily eating habits. 

“Naruto’s Ichiraku Ramen, Dattebayo!”

I can heartily reminisce the lazy Saturdays doing naught but watching cartoons and anime, and eating munchies all day long. I especially remember the food shown on-screen, and how irresistibly tempting they were pictured—especially when characters like Naruto slurp it down so tenaciously. Well, I’m no longer a child (evidenced by my access to cooking vessels like stoves), and I will have my Ichiraku Ramen even if I have to make it myself!