“7 Fun Facts about Chocolate”

1- The largest chocolate bar

The largest chocolate bar ever was created in 2016, during a chocolate festival in Slovenia. The bar, which was prepared by a Slovene company called Čokoladnica Cukrček measured 1,531.9 square feet.

2- Chocolate was used as currency

We are not talking about those chocolate coins most people loved as kids. Ancient Mayans actually used cacao beans as a form of currency.

3- Tallest chocolate fountain

Owned by one of Austria’s leading chocolatiers, the tallest chocolate fountain in the world stands forty feet and three inches tall. This magnificent fountain invented in April 2019 seems like a dream come true for all the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans out there!

4- Nutella was invented as a cheaper alternative

When chocolate became short in supply during WWII, Italian baker Pietro Ferrero created a sweet paste, which later became Nutella.

5- Most expensive chocolate bar

A century-old Cadbury’s bar holds this record. An anonymous buyer bought this bar in the year 2001 for 687 US dollars.

6- Too much can be lethal

It really is true that too much of anything is good for nothing, but you’d have to consume a lot of chocolate (around 40 Hershey bars) for this to happen.

7- Most Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Eaten in One Minute

Peter Czerwinski from Canada was the first person to hold this record. It is reported that Czerwinski ate 9 pieces of chocolate during the minute (doesn’t seem like a lot, right?), but he was soon equaled by Patrick Bertoletti from the USA.

Words by Sadha