“A True Taste of Italy”

Opened with a bang at the end of October, Taste of Italy has gained quite a popular following. Italian food has been a popular favorite in Male’ for a long time, but this new opening has been a rediscovery of the classic simple ingredients of Italian cuisine with Executive Chef Giuseppe Marino. From highlights such as their one of a kind mozzarella cheese lab and Italian beech wood pizza oven, we can understand the hype.

Here are our top picks from when we dropped by for a taste.

Bresaola Olio E Limone

This would be our choice of starter! We love the kind of food where each ingredient stands out, and this is one of them. With lean dried bresaola as the base, a mound of peppery arugula, shavings of nutty parmesan, a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lime juice that ties this simple and flavourful starter together.

Pizza Alla Diavola

If it’s pizza you’re going for, and you should, we recommend you try the Diavola. With a rich tomato sauce, creamy house-made mozzarella, and thinly sliced spicy salami, this is a star pizza. The slight char on the thin crust adds to the flavor and if you like some heat, which most of us do, you’ll love this!

Spaghetti Pomodoro vs Penne Amatriciana

After splitting a pizza with your friends, we suggest you try a pasta too. In keeping with the fresh simple flavors, their spaghetti Pomodoro with tomato and fresh basil is a hit. For those that need some meaty flavor in their pasta, try the penne with beef bacon, onions and chili.

Gnocchi Pesto vs Risotto Pescatore

Looking for something aside from pasta? Excellent! The potato gnocchi is delicious, light and pillowy with just the right amount of basil pesto. If in the mood for something hearty but a bit more lux, go for the seafood risotto. Made in lobster bisque with plenty of fresh mixed seafood, this is also one of the items on the menu that will leave you with an empty plate pretty quickly.

Whether it’s for a quick and light lunch with some colleagues, or a hearty dinner with family, Taste of Italy is a must-try spot. Head over there and let us know your thoughts on our picks!

Words & Photography by Itha