“Binge Weather? Binge Weather!”

The rain has followed us into another month of the year, again making it a little bit inconvenient to go about your day as you would regularly. How about a change of plans? Why not spend some time on Netflix? The weather calls for a legendary binge, and here are some shows we recommend.

  1. Festive Foods

This Malaysian docuseries is all about what its name suggests; the culinary delights of festivities! Immerse yourself in cultural celebrations from The Moon Festival, to Diwali, and more! Learn about the scrumptious fare passed down through generations in this informative and fun show.

  1. Chef’s Table

An Emmy-nominated series, this show extensively covers the minds behind the food. Dinner’s served, as stars of the culinary variety redefine gourmet food in innovative and creative ways!


  1. Somebody Feed Phil

See the creator of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ travel around the globe and explore the local cuisine and culture of countries from Europe, Asia, and America. See Phil try his hand in the preparation of foods as well in this feel-good, and fun show.

  1. Zumbo’s Just Desserts

For readers with their own sweet tooth, this is a must-watch! A competition, watch skilled amateurs cook to become the next ‘Willy Wonka’ and win $100,000 prize along the way. There’s some crazy desserts being whipped up here, and it’s worth a watch just for the desserts, themselves.

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Words by Ali Ifaz