“Binge Weather? Binge Weather!”

It’s that time of the year again when it’s almost impossible to set foot on dry land whenever you go outside. Amidst the puddles, and the pouring rain, it’s more and more difficult to do things (like get food, because why else would you leave?) outside home. Fret not, this weather brings with it good fortune for the food lovers out there! Stay in, sit back,Netflix and chill!

Here’s some of the cooler food shows on Netflix that you should definitely watch! I’ve watched most, and everything else has just been waiting in my list. So, I intend on watching these while storming out this stormy weather, maybe you should too!

1- Salt Fat Acid Heat

A limited series based on chef and food writer Samin Nosrat’s book of the same title, this show follows a charming and enthusiastic Nosrat as she travels around the world, making feasts with farmers, cooks, and food producers. It has a main focus on how food is shaped by the four elements in the title. An inspiring show, making every viewer think about how the most basic details can elevate a dish to new levels!


2- Street Food

This docuseries completely (and obviously) revolves around street food, from all over the world. Each episode has a country as the focus point, and the whole series is a beautifully shot cultural journey. Volume one is all about Asia, taking you to the streets of Thailand, Japan, India, Vietnam, and more. Honestly loved every bit of this, and can’t wait for Volume two.


3- The Chef Show

If you didn’t know Jon Favreau already (say, from the movie aptly titled ‘Chef’?), this is the best way to see him do what he does and it’s actually sort of a spin-off from the movie! This show is basically two friends (food enthusiast Jon Favreau, and chef Roy Choi) goofing around food with their celebrity friends. Don’t get me wrong, the food’s mouthwatering, but the show has this more fun and casual setting to it more than other food shows. Very, very fun watch.


4- The Mind of a Chef

Each season tracks one to two chefs and explores their approach to cooking, and culinary philosophies, in-depth. This show made me feel like I knew the chefs personally. As it started way back, there’s lots to watch, with 5 seasons on Netflix. Sort of a learning experience, I’d say.


5- The Final Table

Twelve teams. Teams of two. Nine cuisines. Chefs compete with each other to amaze and awe the world’s professional chefs, with the toughest palates. Each episode has a country fixed for it, and the contestants must cook a dish significant for that country. The bottom three gets placed into The Final Plate Challenge, where the guest judge chooses a specific ingredient relevant to the country’s culture which has to be incorporated into the final three dishes. Fun watch!

Words by Ifaz