“Blood Orange; “Lasagna with a local twist.”

It’s a cloudy evening when I walk over from my flat to Blood Orange for a meeting. Carving my way through the relentless traffic of Majeedhee Magu, I turn the corner onto Fareedhee Magu and gratefully open the doors of the café and step into its warmth. The smell of fresh pastries, the low hum of conversation and a classic tune greets me as I find myself a seat in the cozy corner near the counter.

I wait for my acquaintance to join me, meanwhile scanning the menu. Clever names of dishes jump out at me and I smile, amused. What caught my eye the most was Garfield, described as “Lasagna with a local twist”. I decide to test it and find it to be delicious. Made from tuna, extra baked cheese and hints of herbs, the generous serving is perfectly baked.

Blood Orange opened its doors early this year and is known for its authentic dishes and treats. Located in a snug corner, the café is a welcome escape from the chaos outside. Enveloped by large glass windows, the café stands out in the neighborhood with its dark walls and flashes of orange from its famous mural inside.


Words by: Sama Nasheed

Photography by: Blood Orange