“Brine Café”

Brine Café has garnered quite a name for itself in the short time that it has been in operation, so we checked out the place to see if it lives up to the hype.

Located on the top two floors of a building in Hithigas Magu, we were glad to see the café offers a breathtaking view of Raalhugandu and its resident surfers. Inspired by a stark modern feel, heavy on teak wood, the interior of the café is admirable. A number of plants surround the dining areas, which adds a pop of green to the overall atmosphere.

Inside, an amazing wall filled with floral art provides the perfect background for Instagram worthy pictures to seal in the memory of that perfect dinner with your significant other, or a celebratory night out with your best pals. Heading up, you see an astonishing view of the sea and can be serenaded by the waves crashing on to the shore.

We were surprised to learn that this is only the soft opening. With plans to have their grand opening in the near future, they also plan on introducing a new menu with a unique format next month.

While Brine now opens at 3:30 PM each day, they are planning to extend their hours and open for lunch. This is especially exciting news for their fans who have been hankering for this. Brine also leases out their space for various events and parties, so next time you are thinking of having an event, why not keep them in mind? 

Now let us talk about the good stuff. The coffee in Brine is otherworldly. We decided to try out two of their signature drinks, the Espresso Tonic, and the Iced Lemon Coffee. The latter was (obviously) a mix of coffee and lemon, and was my preferred choice as I did have a sip from my friend’s Espresso Tonic. The one other time I tried an Iced Lemon Coffee, it left me wanting more out of it, but Brine got it just right. The bitterness of the coffee was offset perfectly by the sourness of the lemon. It was one memorable drink.

A good portion of their current menu concentrates on Mexican food. For our food picks, we decided to try the Beef Enchiladas and the Egg-O-Rice. 

The Egg-O-Rice was a dish consisting of fried rice served under a fluffy omelet with chicken strips on the side. Not being a huge fan of rice, I was not expecting much from the dish. To my wonderment, it was bursting full of flavor and reminded me of the street food they have in Malaysia – somehow, they managed to perfectly capture the smokiness achieved only by the grill.

As for the Enchiladas, the slow cooked beef was substantially scrumptious, as was the salsa. The winning point of this dish for me was the all the gooey cheeses it came with. The spiciness from the grilled chili sauce complimented the salty cheesiness of the dish very well. They lifted it up to new heights. 

Word to the wise, if you are planning to go to Brine, do so on an empty stomach. Their portions are considerably quite large. We were completely stuffed and there was still half of each dish left on the plates. 

All in all, we would say that Brine Café lived up to the buzz. We recommend that you try what they have to offer, including their ever so popular Brine-wich and the Double Decker Beef Burger – you will not regret it.

Words by Taste
Photos by Taste and Brine Café