“Food safety and the coronavirus”

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread with 13 cases confirmed in the Maldives, you might be wondering how the pandemic might affect our food supply and eating habits. Restaurants and cafés haven’t shut down in Malé or elsewhere. But more people are choosing to have food delivered to their homes.

“Baking Terminology 101”

While stir fries and other dinner recipes are more forgiving, baking is a bit more complicated. Even if you follow the best cake recipe you could find, the end product could come out looking a bit different from the original photo you wanted to recreate. So, before you attempt to become the next master home baker, get yourself familiarised with some of the terminology in the world of baking.

“Work and Eat”

My introduction to office mess rooms was hardly the most impressive experiences of my working life. A small government department of less than 20 employees, in the early nineties, was not worthy of much in terms of facilities.