“Ceres – Nature’s Perfect Juice.”

Ceres is an all-natural juice taken straight from the fruit as found in nature. It keeps the human body hydrated by restoring essential body fluids, vitamins and minerals. One cup of Ceres is the same as consuming a single fruit enriched with natural fruit sugars, fructose and glucose. Ceres contains no added sugars or preservatives. Hence, staying true to its claim of being completely natural while being absolutely delicious.

The secret to the wholesome goodness of Ceres lies in its name. It is named after a valley hidden in a curve of mountains at the Southern tip of Africa also called Ceres, where the fruits are taken from. The plentiful sunshine and lush soil at Ceres results in succulent fruit that is sun-ripened to perfection.

The fresh juice of guava and apricot are too thick to be drunk straight from a straw or too bitter or sour which the case of grapefruit. Hence, the fruit puree is blended with other fruit juices in order to make it drinkable.

To ensure a long shelf life of 12 months without adding preservatives, the fruit juice is flash pasteurized (exclusion of air), de-aerated and poured into sterilized packaging material. The aseptic packaging used by the company guarantees the same valley goodness and natural perfection no matter how far the product travels.


Since being established in Paarl, South Africa during the 1980’s, Ceres Fruit Juices has since expanded to a number of international markets. Currently Ceres exports to more than 84 in Africa, Europe, the Far East, Middle East, Asia and North America. Lily international is the brands official distributors and whole sale retailers in Maldives. Shops, resorts, cafes and restaurants all over the country have Ceres readily available.