“CGM Conducts Master Class in Honor of Professor Maithree Wickremesinghe”

The master class of authentic Maldivian cuisine was conducted by a Masterchef from Chefs Guild of Maldives during Professor Wickremesinghe’s courtesy call to Mulee’aage on Monday morning.

During the master class Professor Maithree Wickremesinghe along with First Lady Fazna Ahmed observed the preparation of local delicacy “Kashikeyo Baipen”. Professor Wickremesinghe was also given the opportunity to experience other traditional Maldivian food items such as “bondi”.

Chefs Guild of Maldives is a notable association in the culinary field of Maldives.  They continue to provide numerous opportunities such as this for Maldivian chefs to showcase their talents and skills to the world, as well as to promote local cuisine and culinary traditions.

Image by FHAM

Image by FHAM