“City Investments opens a new supermarket under the name “Souk””

City Investments has opened a supermarket in Malé City, under the name “Souk.” This supermarket is located on Orchid Magu, in front of Malé Optical.

Speaking on behalf of City Investments, Aisha Didi revealed that they have always been passionate about innovation and taking care of customers. While they give uttermost importance to the business, they also do not believe in compromising quality. She also emphasized on the fact that there is something for everyone in the store. Similarly, she highlighted on how the concept, design and installation of the entire store was undertaken by a world renowned company, Umdasch Group.

Souk is the very first supermarket of its kind in the Maldives; it has an in-store baking station, and a small in-house dining area on the 1st floor where coffee and other beverages, along with sandwiches and desserts are available. For customers who are simply accompanying their friends or family members, this is a great way to pass the time. Moreover, there is a City Bakery counter downstairs which allows customers to grab freshly baked croissants and other pastries on the go. They also offer 3 types of takeaway breakfast meals for just MVR 50. These meals include 4 roshi and 2 boiled eggs along with either mashuni, kulhimas or fish ambul thiyal – a very famous dish in Sri Lanka.

Upstairs, there is a variety of products ranging from delectable snacks to good quality makeup. Aisha prides in the fact that most products are handpicked from local suppliers based on quality and popularity. Although there is a limited range of some products at the moment, they are striving to bring in more to the market.

In addition to having access to some of the most prominent international brands, they also provide coffee machines, and tools and equipment necessary for baking to both individual customers and resorts. Besides installation assistance, repair support is also offered.

The meat section downstairs consists of chicken and beef, among other things. Aisha stated that the beef is pure, grass-fed Australian beef – different from the what is found in most other places in Malé. She also mentioned that they are in the process of introducing pre-marinated meat items in the near future which will include Hot Maldivian Chicken Wings, Barbecue Chicken Wings, Beef Steaks and Lamb Chops.

City Investments is a leading producer, distributor and retailer of nutritious, freshly made, high quality produce. It is a group of companies established in 2002, with one purpose in mind which is to bring new products and services to the Maldivian market. They currently operate and manage City Bakery, City Snacks, City Garden, City Gelato and City Bakery Showrooms in Malé and Hulhumalé, along with this most recent addition, Souk.