“Comfood MV”

We, here at Taste, stumbled upon via Instagram, and to our delight, found out that true to their name, they offer comfort food for any mood. Located in Burevi magu, the little food corner welcomed its cozy and relaxing home made goodies to the public in March 2018.

Though not armed with a fixed menu, the place has already made a name for itself for the fast selling, value for money quick bites such as Boava Wrap and the ever-famous Hot Thai chicken stick, that made our tongues tingle and left us craving for more.

If these seem too light for the tummy, try the hearty Kotthu Roshi that gives a local twist by the addition of Valhomas. The best part of every dish the place offers is that the meat is unbelievably fresh, tastiness of it, and the fact that they don’t go light when it comes to adding meat to the dishes.

Words by Jeelan Ali
Photo by Comfood