“Craving for Chicken”

A craving, to be precise, for Barcelos flame-grilled chicken.

In a nutshell, what I love about their flame-grilled chicken is that it actually tastes like chicken, not being overwhelmed by an onslaught of spices and sauces. Flavoured to your preference, that flame-grilling certainly does its magic, leaving tender flesh encased in crispy skin.

Barcelos does offer chicken and beef burgers, shawarma, rice and salads, but the star for me is their grilled chicken, with co-star French Fries. Golden outside and soft inside, with the distinct potato taste, the Fries go so well with the chicken.

Although I’m averse to too much spice, when it comes to Barcelos flame-grilled chicken, I tend to go overboard with the Peri Peri sauces. The deliciously salty sauces go from the mild Tangy Lemon to the fiery Flaming Peri, which the staff helpfully steer you away from, unless you’re adamant about taking it on.

Barcelos has two outlets, one in Male’ and the other in Hulhumale, the latter which draws me because of the relaxed atmosphere, and even the air-conditioned area feels spacious and open. And let’s face it, going over to Hulhumale feels like an adventure to me.

Barcelos does deliver too (call 3315000  or 3355005), but nothing beats eating at the restaurant, the food piping hot, washed down with ice-cold Coca Cola. My opinion.

Now the real question is, ¼, ½ or full chicken?

Words by Fasah Ahmed
Photos by Barcelos