“Create your own burger in 5 easy steps!”

A good burger is a thing of beauty – a satisfying manifestation of all things worth living for in life; juicy meat, oodles of cheese, fresh vegetables, awaiting to be loaded into your stomach.

Let us face it; there are only a few things that can go wrong in the kitchen and a burger should not be one of them. Hence, Azur Restaurant by Hotel Jen is offering you the choice of creating a flame grilled burger just as you like, in 5 simple steps.

The first step will be for the meat lovers. They have a juicy selection of beef, chicken, tuna and lamb. Be amazed from the selection of beef rib eye angus steak, beef patty, cajun spice chicken, tuna steak, lamb cutlet and grilled vegetables.

Secondly is to bun-up your burger. Choose from a selection of buns; from wheat bread to rye bread with reggina and if you want something extra special, focaccia bread.

Making it cheesy will be the third step. There is a great selection of yellow cheddar, white cheddar, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Here come the veggies for the fourth step. The usual tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, pickled or caramelized onions and gherkins will add colors and taste as desired.

And the final step, let’s sauce it up with mustard mayo, sweet chili, tomato chili or something exceptional; wasabi-mayo. If you haven’t tried or if you are a fan of wasabi, you must try that wasabi-mayo twist.

Finally, the freshly prepared burger with perfection will be delivered to your table. Azur Flame Burgers are available every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday night from 7PM to 1030 PM. Be prepared for this wonderful experience with flavorful food and Instagram-able features.

Words & Photos by Taste