“Dilmah Tea Appreciation Event”

The international tea tasting event was held yesterday at Kurumba Maldives by Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah in collaboration with SIMDI Group.

During the event, the guests were informed about the artisanal production style of Dilmah teas and the different varieties of tea by Dilhan C Fernando, the son of Dilmah Founder. Moreover, guests were given the opportunity to taste the different flavors of tea.

A special, handcrafted tea created for hoteliers known as Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea, which is also their latest innovation, was introduced at this event as well. Containing only natural sweeteners, the range contains ten gourmet teas made using only natural ingredients.

Dilmah pioneered the concept of single origin tea in 1988, and has continued to maintain its authenticity. Dilmah tea was originally introduced to the Maldives by SIMDI group 20 years ago, and many new flavors have been introduced to the market since.

Photos by SIMDI