“Eat right with Calorie Counter Meal Plan”

The first glimpse I had of the calorie counter meal plan was their post on Facebook. It looked really intriguing. They promised “amazing meal plans to lose & gain weight”. With a whole lot of different packages they promised a 30 Day Meal Plan that was both healthy and delicious.

They advertised a total of nine meal plans, all coming to you with Calorie & Macro Count. Their meal plans were:

  • Breakfast Only – Mrf 2,300 (Mrf 76.67 per day)
  • Lunch Only – Mrf 2,850 (Mrf 95 per day)
  • Dinner Only – Mrf 2,750 (Mrf 91.67 per day)
  • Breakfast + Lunch – Mrf 4,950 (Mrf 165 per day or Mrf 82.50 per meal)
  • Breakfast + Dinner – Mrf 4,490 (Mrf 149.67 per day or Mrf 74.83 per meal)
  • Lunch + Dinner – Mrf 5,300 (Mrf 176.67 per day or Mrf 88.33 per meal)
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner – Mrf 7,200 (Mrf 240 per day or Mrf 80 per meal)
  • 4 Meals Per Day – Mrf 7,950 (Mrf 265 per day or Mrf 66.25 per meal)
  • 5 Meals per day – Mrf 8,950 (Mrf 298.33 per day or Mrf 59.67 per meal)

My curiosity roused, I decided to try to learn a bit more about these packages. Wanting to find out more details I met with Infaz Faiz (Director of Calorie Counter). The meeting took place at the Calorie Counter on a busy afternoon. The atmosphere was buzzing.

Infaz explained a bit more thoroughly the details of the packages. According to him, when you first apply for the package, you are given a short questionnaire to fill out. This would include basics such as your age, weight and height. In addition to which they require information on your medical history together with any fitness regime you might be following. They also inquire into your lifestyle (work, habits and such).

All this information is then forwarded to their in-house dietician who would put together a comprehensive meal plan suited to your specific needs. Those with medical conditions such as cholesterol problems and/or diabetics etc. are given special consideration.

All your meals are prepared according to the meal plan forwarded by the dietician. The meals are then delivered daily to your doorstep (if you reside in Malé).

These meals are especially convenient if you are on a strict fitness regime and/or trying to eat healthy. Unlike most of the food available elsewhere, all the ingredients used in the preparation of the meals are organic and fresh. They have a strict no oil and no added sugar policy.

So what if you want to skip one day (everyone needs a cheat day once in a while, right)? Fear not, you can just inform Calorie Counter and they will simply forward the meal to the next day. Or if you have to leave the country or go on vacation to one of the islands, you can just press pause on your meal plan. You can simply resume once you come back. Simply put, you are paying for 30 days of healthy meals and Calorie Counter ensures that you get them all.

Words by Asy
Photos by Calorie Counter