“Eid in Kaashidu; colourful and delicious.”

Colourful, because my complexion and my attire are both an array of vivid shades owing to overly enthusiastic Eid celebrators.

Delicious, because my step sister’s husband, who happens to be a chef, prepared a delectable local meal for Eid lunch.

Eid, in Kaashidu, began with people waking up before dawn and preparing short eats for a mass tea gathering laid out near the harbour, after the Eid prayer was done. Quite a spread.

And then began the fun. I surrendered to my cousins who grabbed fist fulls of colour powder and smeared it all over my face and clothes. Followed by a coloured water bottle being dumped on my head. It was all good fun. Been a while since I’ve had a happening Eid.

A few hours later, it was time for lunch. Vegetable fried rice, a fish curry and the best devilled chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life. Eid meals are my favourite meals. So festive.

A children’s evening is being celebrated right now, with games and events at the harbour. And there will be fireworks tonight after the Eid show, I heard. Exciting.

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By: Sama Nasheed