“Finally, a dedicated steakhouse!”

Steaks are essentially just a slice of meat that is described as ‘fast-cooking’ by grilling, or pan-frying, cut across the muscle fibers, potentially including a bone. Even though it is just that, grilling steak is an extremely intricate matter.

This is where a steakhouse comes in; a steakhouse specializes in steaks and chops, with a great deal of attention given to the preparation of the meats served.

The first dedicated steakhouse in Male’ City opened quite recently, and it’s severely impressive. The Steak & Coffee Bar located in Nirolhu Magu – 01 Goalhi, Hulhumalé, presents a wide selection of cuts of lamb, salmon, tuna, along with beef all the way from Brazil, Australia, or Japan. For people wary of red meat, a range of burgers, subs, rice, and pasta are also available under the same roof.

Around lunch time on a sunny Thursday, I decided to try what the steakhouse has to offer. The interior walls were entirely black, with pecan brown cushioned seating along the walls. The burnt wood decor is a nice touch, with warm lights shining in an otherwise dim dining area. Outside, an illustration of a cow details the different cuts of a beef steak, along another graphic of the meats itself stained on glass.

Upon sitting down on the comfy leather seat, the owner and chef, Infaz, quickly came to greet and take the order. Completely following his recommendation, I started with their Steako Spaghetti, being curious as to what it could be. For my main, I went with the Medallion Steak with black peppercorn sauce and mashed potatoes, and Tiramisu for dessert along with a bottle of sparkling white wine (obviously non-alcoholic).

As soon as I saw my starter arriving, I realized the reason behind the name. It was a plateful of beef loin steak strips, cut up to resemble strands of spaghetti. With a slight bite to it, the strips of beef offered great flavour, and prepared me for what’s to come; my glorious steak!

The Beef Medallion Steak is a small round steak cut from the tenderloin. I like my steak medium rare; seared outside with pink going into a red center. The doneness was perfect, but the aromatics alone got me on the hook. Biting into it, the steak was very tender, almost melting in the mouth. The outside was very firm, with a slight crisp here and there from the grill. This Brazilian steak was marinated in a secret herb marinade, and ends in a bath of butter with another set of herbs. The black pepper sauce was creamy, and the coarse peppercorns provide a pungent, complementary counterpoint to the steak’s rich flavor. The fluffy and creamy mashed potatoes were great, although the spinach alongside it were a bit disappointing.

Moving on to the dolce and (sadly) the end of the meal, the Tiramisu was one of the best I’ve ever had. Served in a little jar, this cake and mascarpone-cheese layered Italian dessert is absolutely pleasing, with slight hints of coffee and chocolate with every spoonful.

Steak & Coffee Bar, true to its slogan, ‘serves the real deal’. If you’ve ever been let down by steak you’ve had before, I highly recommend trying any of the steaks from here, especially the noteworthy Wagyu straight from Japan. With an extensive line up of the best meats available, there’s something to satisfy everyone.

Words by Ali Ifaz
Photos by Steak & Coffee Bar and Taste