“Five Sushi Facts that Every Foodie Should Know”

With the number of sushi bars and restaurants around the globe, it really is no surprise that there’s an entire day dedicated to this dish- that’s right, today is International Sushi Day. Whether you are a sushi aficionado or haven’t yet introduced your taste buds to this culinary delight, we know that you’ll enjoy these sushi-licious facts.

1- The origins

Colorful and elaborate arrangements of sushi is probably what comes to mind when you hear the word Japanese cuisine. However, sushi did not actually originate in Japan; the earliest form of sushi called nerazushi is said to have been invented by people in South –East Asia.

2- Fish without rice

Believe it or not, during earlier days rice was only used for the fermentation process. The rice wrapping would be removed after the process and only the fish would be eaten.

3-Life or death

There is one rare sushi ingredient that could send you on a trip to the ER. Fugu or puffer fish, if prepared without proper care could be deadly as it releases a neurotoxin which attacks your nervous system.

4-Sushi masters

To become a sushi chef in Japan, you have to go through some very rigorous training. And if you’re going to be handling the deadly Fugu we mentioned earlier, that needs a separate license as well.5- No chopsticks

According to sushi chefs, the best and proper way to eat sushi is with your hands, handling it as delicately and with as much care as the chef. Also, you must eat it all in one bite, placing it face-down on your tongue without ruining the perfect shape.

With all this sushi talk, you must be craving some right now. Well, the best place to try sushi would of course be the world’s number one sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, but we do have some options closer to home too. Why not treat yourself to some at Oishii in Hulhumale’, or order some from Zeen’s Cuisine?Words by Sadha

Photos by Oishii and Zeen’s Cuisine