“Flamin Hot Kandoodhoo Chicken Burger at Thyme Bistro and Cafe’”

Thyme being recently reopened, I wanted to try a burger from their new menu, and something that immediately caught my attention was the Flamin Hot Kandoodhoo Chicken Burger. Figuring that anything with the infamous Kandoodhoo mirus couldn’t possibly be bad, I decided to order it.

Well, the long and short of it is that I devoured the burger within minutes and wished I had more of it. First of all, the fried chicken in the burger was wonderfully crispy on the outside and nicely done on the inside. The veggies added a delicious crunchy touch. As for the spiciness, their special Kandoodhoo hot chili sauce did pack quite some heat, at least for a burger.

I’d say that even those who can’t handle spicy food can enjoy this without any trouble and I’m definitely looking forward to try more from Thyme. 

Words by Sadha