“Food Blogs by Maldivian Gastronomers”

Food blogging took the internet by storm and it has arrived in our little corner of the world as well. Lately, we see a number of food bloggers who share multitudes of delicious recipes for food enthusiasts to follow. Here are a few food blogs for you to keep an eye on this Ramazan to bring variety to your breakfast table with unique treats and dishes.


From lush desserts to exotic dishes to local favourites, “the ZEN in life” covers a wide range of recipes that would make your mouth water.

















Local dishes spiced up with a personal touch and healthy foods decorate this feed in their journey to create a Maldivian cookbook.
















From parfaits to vegan dishes, “abooayn” shares his own nutrient packed healing food recipes ideal for fitness enthusiasts and unique cuisine lovers, alike.
















Photo Credits to the respective blog.