“Get Set Eat with Kashikeyo, at Hotel Jen”

Giving a nod to the much loved local fruit “Kashikeyo” (screw pine), Hotel Jen created delectable food and drinks with their own personal twist at Jen’s Kitchen On-the-Go, as part of their “Get Set Eat” campaign.

They are showcasing their own signature “Kashikeyo Fani” (screw pine juice), and sweet bite-sized dessert known as “Kashikeyo Gulha”, much to our delight!

This event started on 18th March and will be going on until 24th March, every night from 7PM to 11PM. Drop by and enjoy a freshly made glass of Kashikeyo Fani or Kashikeyo Gulha at their pop-up stall happening right outside the entrance.

It will be worth it!

Photos by Asy