“Gloria Jeans Café”

Overlooking the sunset, Gloria Jeans Café, situated in the shallows of Rasfannu Beach, is a popular hangout that recently opened its doors to the public. The café is an expansive space with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and a wonderful view.

With delicious treats and refreshing drinks on their menu, Gloria Jeans Café is home to the most scrumptious Fish Pie I’ve ever tasted. With a crunchy crust and a spicy filling, the Fish Pie is perfect to grab as a quick bite or during the evening with a warm glass of tea or a delicious strawberry smoothie, while you enjoy watching the sun set near Villingili.

With friendly staff and comfortable furniture, the café has become a favourite for coffee aficionados and dessert devotees over the past few months. Drop by for a taste.

Words by Sama Nasheed
Photography by Gloria Jeans Café