“Going Flourless with Feny”

Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free; these are words we’re all quite familiar with. But not a lot of us are used to adopting a diet that is completely free of these products. Few people aren’t sure of the benefits of making such a change, and some are not entirely sure it’s convenient for them. We’d like to introduce you to Feny, a home baker who is sharing her gluten free adventure with all of us.

Feny switched to a gluten free diet for health reasons. She shares that every single person in her home faces a form of intolerance, whether it is to dairy, sugar or gluten. When she started eating gluten free and began to share her food adventures on Instagram, she got to know more people with intolerances, especially kids. That’s the point where she started offering her baked goods for sale, and we were blessed with Flourless by Feny.

From chick pea bagels, banana cakes, almond and sorghum breads topped with the likes of sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds, Feny experiments with what she puts on the menu. But from what is already on it, we can vouch for the breads being incredibly soft and flavourful. Pairing well with honey, or jam and peanut butter, it’s a great choice for a quick breakfast especially for those who’re always scrambling out the door with just a coffee.


Even for those that don’t suffer from intolerances or allergies, incorporating gluten free meals into your life can boost energy levels, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels, provide us with a great source of natural fibre, and improve our overall heart health.

Go on, DM her to place an order. It’s well worth it!

Words by Itha
Photography by Feny