“Got the flu? We’ve got you covered.”

It seems that flus and viral fevers have once again taken over the population of Male’. By the looks of it, they aren’t leaving any time soon and everyone’s scrambling to find the best remedies.

We can always count on these nasty viral fevers to ruin our favorite foods for us, but thankfully there are also some foods that come through for us during such dire times.  In fact, some of these items have been around since childhood, and they are guaranteed to get you back up on your feet in no time. While we take rest and put away those pills, many of us also turn to comfort food for quick relief. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Noodle Soup

A steaming, spicy bowl of noodle soup can really help to clear up your airways and make you feel a ton better. It’s one of the easiest foods to prepare and won’t take up too much time, making it ideal for when you’re feeling under the weather and have literally no energy to eat, let alone cook.

  1. Flu Fighting Tea

It’s important to drink up as many fluids as you can when you’re running a temperature. Tea is a perfect choice, and you can spice it up with different things from your kitchen to suit your liking. If you’re looking to soothe a sore throat, a couple teaspoons of honey can really help. Ginger can help to ease up congestion, while cinnamon and turmeric provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

  1. Citrus Magic

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are packed with vitamin C, making them excellent foods to fight off inflammation. The juice of these fruits are not only nutritious, but hydrating and refreshing as well, making it a welcome treat for your parched throat and taste buds. Throw in some fresh mint leaves to make it zestier, and this will help to ward off those dreaded waves of nausea as well.

  1. Coconut Water

You’re feeling extremely tired and your throat feels like it’s on fire. It’s time to kill two birds with one stone; get your energy back and keep your body hydrated with some coconut water. It’s full of electrolytes and essential nutrients like potassium and magnesium. This tasty natural drink will surely cool your body down and give you a much needed boost.

  1. Chocolate Saves the Day

A mug of hot chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling dreary and overall out of sorts. Not only is dark chocolate a mood booster, but this drink will help to relieve congestion and give you some flu-fighting antioxidants as well. Most importantly, your taste buds will definitely thank you for this one.

Words by Sadha