“GOVERNOR’S ESTATE; Premium Luxury Tea Blends”

A good cup of tea is a blessing at any time of the day, be it with every meal, as a refresher for your guests or just as a soothing brew to brighten a single moment.

Governor’s Estate brings you the very best of Ceylon Tea, incorporating tradition and quality as its foundation. Using the 5 stage method of tea production; withering, rolling, fermenting, drying and sorting, Governor’s Estate enhances its products by going that extra mile to provide you with the finest experience.

“It’s all about quality and timeless tradition.” Says Dhilshad Sideek, the CEO of Governor’s estate. “It takes skill and hundreds of combined years of knowledge to produce tea of this high quality. It is a delicate balance of flavours.”

The flagship product of Governor’s Estate is a classic range of tea blends, followed by other premium collections. The varieties include Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Cinnamint and Calming Peach Herbal Infusion, to name a few.

Governor’s Estate Premium Luxury Tea Blends are marketed and distributed in the Maldives by Lily International. For details, please visit