“Hack It Up”

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the patience to go the conventional route. This is the whole reason that hacks have flooded our timelines and our lives so. We have here a few hacks that we’ve tried that have cut down our time in the kitchen and made cooking that much easier.

Peeling Garlic/Onion

My mom struggles with this every few days, letting them soak in a bowl of water and then peeling them and storing them in the refrigerator. Personally, I like them fresh and with a bit of zing. The easiest way to peel garlic is by placing them sideways on a cutting board and crushing them with a broad knife. No need to annihilate them. Just lean in till you feel a give. The peel should now slide off. To peel the onion, just cut it in half. You should now be able to peel the layers off with very little give.

Preserving Herbs

I love using fresh herbs to make various dishes, but it really bugs me that they wilt away so quickly. One of the best solutions I’ve found has been to preserve them in the freezer. Find an ice cube tray. Layer the pockets with the herb. Fill in with olive oil (you can use other oils if you wish) and freeze. This keeps the herbs fresh and aromatic. And it is so easy to use when you need them next.

Microwaving Pizza

We have all been here and done this. And it has always turned into a disaster. I’ve tried a lot of hacks to combat the soggy pizza and my favorite so far has been the water trick. Just pop in a glass (microwave safe) of water in with the plate of pizza that you are microwaving. Microwave for thirty to forty-five seconds, and pesto, fresh pizza.

Word by Asy