“Have you been to Oishii?”

Well, we went there. And we’re here to tell you we loved it!

Oishii is the new hot spot to open up in Hulhumale’ and we tried out some of the picks off of Chef Fatheen’s menu. Here are some of our recommendations for the next time you visit.

Let’s start off with our choice of hot appetizer, Chicken Gyoza. These perfectly juicy seared dumplings with Ponzu sauce was spicy and sticky in the best way you could imagine. Care for something with fish? Try the Tartare. Oishii’s Tartare is a rich mix of tuna and salmon infused with some Japanese spices, topped with seaweed and bonito flakes.

Of course we tried the Sashimi and Nigiri platters. Personally, we thought the prices were very reasonable to sample both with a group of friends. The Sashimi came in 21 pieces with an assortment of the chef’s choice. The Sushi sampler was a hit with the shrimp, unagi and yellowtail disappearing quite fast.

Trust us and have some Udon. The texture of the noodle is perfect, thick, chewy but soft, perfect for a cozy dinner actually. Up next was the Chicken Katsu and the curry carried a nice punch with a mix of sweet, savory and spicy flavors. We also tried the steamed fish fillet with garlic kangkung, which was a bit Maldivian as much as it was Japanese.

The creamy pesto Tagliatelle was also a hit at our table. With the heat from the Pecorino and the tang from the capers, this went so well with the crispy chicken. And the portion size was perfect for a creamy pasta that doesn’t leave you feeling too full.

To be honest, we didn’t expect too much from the dessert. But the Matcha Crème Brulee changed that. It was rich and creamy, just like you want a Crème Brulee to be, but it hit the next level with the deep matcha flavored custard. Also, we’re heading there again to try the fluffy cheesecake!

Let us know your favorites in the comments! We’ll add them onto our already long list of things to try out.

Words & Photography by Itha