“Have you had your “Meal on Board” yet?”

An initiative started by Ehee Jamiyya, Meal on Board is a charity program to help families in need. Since beginning their non-profit journey in the year 2012, the organization has conducted a number of charity programs and fundraising events and managed to do it quite successfully.

The aim of the initiative is to provide a month’s supply of food for the twenty or so families who are being attended to by the organization. This includes providing staples such as rice, flour, fish and other basic necessities such as salt and sugar. Although they have been operational since 2014, this time around the NGO has taken a different approach to fundraising.

Ehee Jamiyya has joined hands with Doce (a family-style restaurant located at Alikileygefaanu Magu) to organize a program which allows donations to be collected by the restaurant. Diners can choose to add any amount from MVR 25, MVR 50 and MVR 100 to their bills to be donated. Once they give the donation, a Charity Share Token is given to the customer which can be hung up on the token board in the restaurant.

The funds are collected by Ehee Jamiyya and used in making arrangements for the Monthly Food Package Delivery Program for families in need. The organization informs us that the contents of the packages will vary according to the particular family’s needs.

The NGO hopes that it would be a beneficial project for the whole community, bringing as much joy to the donors as to the families in need. They are happy to answer any inquiries and provide more insight into how the families are selected for the program, and they can be contacted on their hotline 7803433.

Words by Sadha