“Hotel Jen Male’, Maldives by Shangri-La Celebrates Global Wellness Day 2019”

In observance of the annual Global Wellness Day on Saturday, 08th June 2019, Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives opened a healthy DIY juice bar at the all-day dining restaurant Lime during the breakfast hours. The station was well received by the guests and the invited fitness professionals from Maldives. Their F&B team who championed the juice bar explained the benefits of each combination of fruit and vegetable drinks, which was very interesting for the guests. Hotel Jen also provided special menu options in conjunction with the day which was designed to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

At the back of the house the awareness continued with activities for the staff at the staff restaurant.  A fun DIY sandwich station was set up with different options of scrumptious meats and fillings from a healthy menu, which was enjoyed by the hotel’s staff.

Special healthy lifestyle posters were put up at the staff area to promote the day and as a reminder about the importance of being active and eating healthy, the importance of living well, encompassing everything from exercise and taking care of oneself to ways of thinking and harmony between body and spirit. The social movement, which is devoid of any commercial purpose, is celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of every June each year.

“We know that well-being is increasingly important to our colleagues, guests and customers. And Global wellness day provides an opportunity for us to jointly celebrate this day. Today we are excited to showcase the distinct well-being experiences which food can bring to one’s life for our colleagues and guests at our hotel” says Chandrashekhar Mahapadi Financial Controller of Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives by Shangri-La.