“Ice-Cream Goals at Charcoal”

From the moment Charcoal Café came into the food scene of Male’ last month, their signature Charcoal Ice-Cream got many people hyped up to visit the café. Even before they opened their doors to the public, sweet-toothed foodies were talking about this jet-black ice-cream. It’s no wonder that the place is usually packed, but when we went there on a balmy afternoon, it was surprisingly empty.

A delectable array of cakes on display greeted us as we step into the café, and the lunch-special menu also caught our eye as we make our way to a table at the far corner. Once seated, we went through the main menu and what struck out was some rather interesting names like The Gothic and Death by Chocolate.

As we pondered over our orders a waiter offered to bring us some samples, much to our relief. The ice-cream samples arrived quickly and after trying both, I decided to go for their signature Charcoal Ice-Cream, while  my colleague chose the Sweet Potato version. Needless to say, the fancy curls of soft serve in waffle cones looked as appetizing as we had imagined. Being used to denser, creamier ice creams, this one’s lightness took me by surprise. I noticed that it wasn’t too sweet either, which I liked. The chocolate charcoal cone added a nice flavor and crunch to the treat.

The café also offers other interesting items like charcoal waffles and charcoal pancakes, so it’s not only for ice-cream lovers. All in all, I think it’s a good choice for dessert or just to cool down on a scorching day.

Words by Sadha
Photos by Charcoal Café