“Indian Food with a View”

Maagiri Hotel is one of those few places in Malé where one can enjoy a meal in a serene environment with a great view. This Thursday (07th March), they launched their Indian Menu which will be available at their Peak Terrace and Lounge.

They have been testing the menu out for the past two months and have come up with quite an extensive selection of dishes from all across India. They put out a sampling of what is to come at their launch event, and judging by these dishes, they are about to double the amount of fans.

The first dish out was the starter, Mixed Vegetable Pakora with a Tomato Salsa Dip. The vegetables were deep fried to perfection with a floury base coating, which paired very well with the Tomato Salsa. It was a great start to the meal and spoke of good things to come.

Personally, I was skeptical of their soup, a South Indian Rasam with Tomato Coulis. I have always abhorred tomato soup so it was with trepidation that I took the first sip. It was not at all what I was expecting. The spiciness and the tang of the Rasam were simply amazing. This is just the kind of dish I would order on a rainy afternoon.

As an appetizer, there was a yummy Indian Spice Marinated Chicken Tikka served with Mint Chutney. It was closely followed by the main, a platter consisting of Main Chicken Biriyani, Naan, Kadai Vegetable and Dhal Makhani served with sides of Raita, Lime Pickle and Poppadum. The stand out for me was the Naan and Dhal Makhani. The Naan was on point with a crispy exterior but was soft on the inside, and the dhal was flawless.

I was specially looking forward to the dessert as they were serving Gulab Jamun. But the surprise Super Star of the evening turned out to be the Carrot Halwa. It was just sweet enough, nutty and oh-so-creamy. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great Indian dessert. The meal closed on a high note with a steaming cup of Masala Chai.

On the whole, I would say that Maagiri Hotel has managed to come out swinging onto the Indian Food Scene in Malé. I would recommend everyone to try out their new menu for lunch or dinner.

Words by Asy

Photos by Maagiri Hotel