“Into the Heart of Baking with Shaa”

The palpable sense of joy brought on by baking for others cannot be compared to anything, and it is no different for this home-baker who has mastered the art to a tee. The brilliant baker behind Ginger Bakes, Fathmath Shaadhny (Shaa) takes immense pleasure in sharing her creations with eager customers, friends, and family members.

You can find Shaa in her element in the midst of a busy baking day, carefully measuring out ingredients for a new recipe or simply waiting by the oven to see the beautiful transformation of bread with a contented smile on her face.

Looking back on her childhood, Shaa recalls fond memories of baking for her cousins when she was in her early teens. Although she did not have many ingredients to work with, she still managed to impress them. She tweaked a recipe for chocolate cake from scratch, decorated it using M&Ms and it became an instant hit among her cousins.

Perhaps this is no surprise, given how she had been a keen observer in her mom’s kitchen from a young age, sometimes for hours on end. Mesmerized by the beauty of the delicate sugar flowers her mother made to decorate equally beautiful cakes, she was quickly swept up into the world of baking. From there, she started learning her way around ingredients, tools and techniques.

Speaking of ingredients, I was quite astounded when Shaa professed her love for yeast, and labeled it as her absolute favorite baking ingredient. In fact, she enjoys watching the dough rise, and claims that yeast is “the heart of the bread-making process”.

Being such a passionate baker, Shaa explains that it’s impossible for her to pinpoint the best part about baking, as she loves every bit of it. “I love the entire process. Starting from experimenting with new flavor combinations, measuring, up until waiting patiently for the dough to transform into that delicious golden brown color and watch it rise inside the oven. The aroma that starts to surround slowly. Baking is pure joy, a life-long passion”.

The 31–year-old baker makes everything from colorful macaroons and magnificent wedding cakes to scrumptious rolls and tarts. This brings us to the incredibly gorgeous photos that grace the social media pages of Ginger Bakes. Giving off rustic yet lively vibes, these detailed photos showcase her creativity on another level, and they are enough to hit anyone with major cravings.

Citing her recent surgery and health condition, Shaa clarifies that although Ginger Bakes used to be most well-known for its colorful creations for huge projects such as birthday celebrations, she is now leaning more towards less time-consuming work that do not call for as much attention to detail.

Despite this setback, she continues to bake and grow her business with the support and motivation from family and friends. For now, Shaa is happy that she is once again able to share her baking with others. However, she does hope to expand Ginger Bakes in the future and has visions for a cozy spot where people can sit and enjoy her baking. 

Words by Sadha

Photos  by Ginger Bakes