“KAM’s Outdoor Coffee Area”

Is there any better way to wind down after a long day than sitting down for a good cup of coffee? We think not. To share a laugh and have a good chat over some coffee sounds like the perfect way to end the day, and this is just the right spot for you.

KAM welcomes you to enjoy your daily cup with friends and colleagues, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Opening their doors just in time to welcome the after-work crowds, KAM’s coffee shop offers that pleasant, cozy atmosphere perfect for all and sundry.

There is a different kind of comfort we take in the simple things that are familiar to us, and this what KAM is all about. KAM has been serving its loyal customers for years, and still manages to retain the same old charm. Since day one, they have been taking great pleasure in welcoming old and new faces in to their homely atmosphere, making it a wonderful space and a popular choice for many.

Apart from an excellent choice of drinks, the open air coffee shop also offers a number of snacks, without which your afternoon tea would of course be incomplete. Should you want something more, feel free to order from their a la carte menu, which offers an impressive variety as well. So whether you are in the mood for a light afternoon bite or something more filling, you are sure to find an agreeable choice.

Within the same space as the coffee shop you will also find a pool area, which stays open from o6:00 p.m to 10:30 p.m daily. If you are on the lookout for a location to celebrate a special occasion and create unforgettable memories with loved ones, look no further. KAM’s pool area is without doubt a fantastic choice for a fun-filled pool party. They offer several packages for pool use, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Contact: 3009911
Viber: 9738469
Instagram: @kam_restaurant 

Words by Taste
Photos by Kam Restaurant