“Kashikeyo Milkshake and Tea Tantalizers at Semili’s”

Semili’s offers a variety of cuisines in their menu, including seafood platters, popular Indian dishes and even Maldivian favorites such as Kandu Kukulhu, Rihaakuru Dhiya and Handulu Bondibai.  Under the same roof you will find Barcelos Maldives, well know for their grilled chicken and grilled beef with European and local sides.

One of the popular items which we recently tried at Semili’s is their Kashikeyo Milkshake. Kashikeyo or screwpine has been a favorite ingredient in traditional Maldivian cuisine, and it goes well in cakes and other desserts, so we were hoping that this drink would not disappoint us.

As expected, the milkshake was delicious and refreshing. The Kashikeyo flavor coupled with vanilla turned out to be a great combination, perfect to quench our thirst on the hot afternoon (although the vanilla flavor was a tad bit overpowering).

We also tried their Peach Tea Tantalizer, which we think is a great option for flavored tea lovers. Served with vanilla ice cream on top, it’s a little different from the usual, but makes for a nice drink all the same. They have the drink in apple and mint flavor as well, so we thought we’d give it a try next time. Apart from these, a good selection of frappes and smoothies are also available from Semili’s.


Words by Taste