“Lo and Behold, Grab n Go!”

Neatly tucked between two houses to the UN Building in Rahdhebai Hingun, you’ll find a contemporary café/sandwicherie. Industrial chic designed Grab n Go offers its customers fresh sandwiches and delectable home-baked goods along with a bountiful array of beverages to choose from.

Walking in, I found the entire place bathed in the sun’s rays, and the employees were most welcoming with cheery faces all around. Making my way to the bar, their LaCimbali espresso machine next to their Lavazza grinder quickly caught my eye, along with their rustic decor, and black and white portraits. It’s uncommon to see small cafés investing in espresso machines as many opt for pod machines for their in-house coffee, so this was a gratifying surprise.

The huge, brightly-coloured mandala centred on the left wall was spectacular, offering a touch of color to an otherwise grey and neutral interior colour scheme. The tables and chairs also feature engraved mandalas, hand designed by owners Shiaz and Riffath.

Hearing so much about their desserts I almost couldn’t wait to try them immediately, but my companion and I resorted to having a sandwich first. Being a picky person, I was delighted to see I could make my own sandwich instead of having pre-made sandwiches. The choices consisted of what you would normally expect to be inside your sandwich; from the likes of veggies, deli meats, to your preference of sauces.

I opted for a Turkey Salami with cheese, lettuce, red onions, pickles, and tomatoes drizzled with mango BBQ sauce, lemon mustard, and their in-house made GNG special sauce on brown bread, and my friend had Beef Pepperoni with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, and pickles with a splash of lemon mustard, mango bbq, and another in-house made githeyomirus sauce on oregano & parmesan bread.

I’ve always been skeptical about sandwicheries because few of them can actually properly close a sandwich, and if they manage to, the bun to filling ratio is almost always disproportionate. I’m happy to say Grab n Go succeeded in properly closing the sub with the ratio being met. I’m pleased!

At first, I was hesitant and cautious of trying their imported mango BBQ sauce and their lemon mustard, but true to their recommendation, it was a pleasant surprise. The sauces complimented my turkey salami splendidly, and after I was done with my 6 inch sub, I wanted more. My friend loved hers as well, but added that she’d opt out of getting cheese with her oregano & parmesan bread as it felt a bit overpowering.

I washed down my sub-wich with a kiwi mocktail (dubbed ‘Te-kiwi’), whereas my friend took the passionfruit mocktail (dubbed ‘Passiflora Caipirinha’) from their menu of mocktails, pressed juices, coffee, teas, and shakes. It was amazing, especially considering they disapprove of flavoured syrups, and don’t use any in their drinks. The mocktail consisted of mint leaves, limes, and actual fresh kiwi juice!

Curiosity got the best of me and I ended up getting the apple juice as they say it’s 100% pressed. A lime green beverage quickly made its way to our table in a bottle with a metal straw, and with the first sip I was smitten. GNG prides themselves in using absolutely zero water to make their juices, and they used 3 whole apples to make mine. Pressed juice charged at an exceptionally low price? Count me in to try all the other pressed juices soon.

Having heard they don’t serve run of the mill hot chocolates, I suggested both of us try their Italian-inspired hot chocolates. From the options of hazelnut, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, I took dark chocolate and she took the hazelnut. The thick hot chocolates were unlike any other we’ve had. The server let us know it was to be enjoyed like a pudding; bit by bit from a little spoon. Mine was absolutely heavenly, having a bittersweet essence to it, but it felt a bit too thick for me. I had a teaspoon of the hazelnut one, and it was butter-sweet and tasted like the actual nut.

As we were figuring out what to get for dessert, short-eats arrived so we figured.. why not? We ordered one of each; a masroshi, a fihunu bajiya, and a kulhi-boakiba. What personally stood out for me was their fihunu bajiya, but everything proved to be a welcome addition to their small food menu.

Finally on to the dessert! The ‘Premium Chocolate Brownie’ looked significantly appreciable, so I went for it. Suffice to say I made the right decision. It was bursting with rich dark chocolate notes, with a slight crunch on the exterior, ending on sweet, almost milky notes. Definitely a great way to end the meal! My friend wanted to try their wedding cake-esque ‘Vanilla Butter Cake’ with whipped cream frosting. She received a big slice, and it was soft with a delicate sweetness with hints of vanilla that doesn’t over-power the cake’s flavour, but she couldn’t finish it. With everything we ate, we were too full to eat even one more bite!

Grab n Go adds to the growing number of café/sandwich shops, and if they aren’t on your radar yet go ahead and check them out. With their focus on healthy eating in an affordable price range, I’m sure there’s something for everybody there. I suggest going for any one of their delicious mocktails and the rich, pudding reminiscent hot chocolate, if you’d rather skip out on having something savoury. Grab n Go truly exceeded my expectations.

Words by Ali Ifaz
Photos by Taste