“Mario Rusk – Oven Fresh Premium Delights”

Rusk (toast biscuits) is a traditional dried bread or cake that suits Maldivian eating habits. It is usually eaten during breakfast or tea-time with milk tea which softens the fine, crispy rusk, making it melt in your mouth.  

One of the most popular brands is Mario Rusk which has been introduced to the Maldives. Their products are available worldwide in countries like America, England and in the Maldives. The beautiful golden brown color, the fine edges and texture make Mario rusks an all-time favorite snack. Every batch of Mario rusk is carefully crafted to perfection in an automatic mixing room with controlled temperature and humidity. It is packed with the right amount of ingredients and the final product goes through an extensive quality check so that every piece remains consistent in taste, flavor, shape and size. 

Some of the finest varieties include the Milk Rusk and the Cake Rusk, both of which are rich in flavor and taste amazing. More importantly, Diet Rusk is quite the hit among health-conscious customers. It is made with zero added sugar and natural honey – now you can start your day with a delicious, healthy snack!

Mario Rusk products are distributed by Pyramid in the Maldives. 

Words by Taste