“Meltz – a whimsical adventure dipped in chocolate”

Good news for those that long to be surrounded by Valrhona Chocolate! A walk past beautiful bougainvillea branches swaying in the wind takes you to a spacious establishment in Hulhumale’. Meltz is the place where these chocolate dreams come to fruition. 

Similar to DipnDip in Malaysia, and bringing even more of a twist to its dishes, Meltz is one establishment that Willy Wonka would be proud of. We ordered some of the strangest sounding desserts on the menu – the Sushi Banana Crepe and Chocolate Fettuccine Crepe – as we took in the beautiful decor. The dark colours that surrounded the walls and ceiling only served to beautifully highlight the pop of yellow gold carvings of creatures big and small. An outside table lets you come face to face with the fact that the Italian folk song of resistance, Bella Ciao never really left your mind as you are faced with a beautiful mural head of the telltale Salvadore Dali mask with the red jumpsuit from La Casa De Papel. While the music at Meltzwas more than good enough on its own to create its own unique vibe, an avid reader would also recognise that the tall shelves on both ends of the wall had a superb collection of books. With the inviting couches and rustic decor, Meltz is the next go-to spot for those that do not mind a long overdue coffee and book combination within a cafe’.  

The food itself is truly astounding. We expected to beg for water after a few bites of dessert, as we usually did, but we were in for a delightful surprise. The exquisitely thin lines of crepe in the Chocolate Fettuccine were so delicate in both flavour and texture, that it felt like each bite just melted into the mouth. We applauded the choice of the name Meltz at this time. This subtlety, paired with the perfect amount of chocolate and ice cream! Excuse us if we didn’t stop eating until the plate was wiped clear.

Even those who wrinkle their noses at the reality that most sushi is raw seafood, would marvel at, and appreciate the Sushi Banana Crepe. Each bite-sized morsel of banana encased in crepe was overflowing with different types of chocolate we couldn’t identify. Possibly best eaten with chopsticks, we suggest you scoop every last drop of the chocolate and ice cream combination. The only thing regrettable about these desserts is that it leaves a longing for so much more. Round two! Please.  

A slight sugar high left us checking out the inside of the establishment. Images of beautiful date nights and Instagram-worthy wall hangings swam before our eyes. We did not regret the extra hour spent taking photographs inside at all. On either side of a Game of Thrones-esque map of the world in beautiful blues and greens were portraits of whimsical space exploration, circa late 70s and early 80s. There were several well-lit monkeys on either side of the kitchen entrance as well, and behind a circular glass window that made us, once again, hear the drumming call of Jumanji. Meltz is truly a treat for all senses. on Instagram had it right. Sweet offerings like these desserts may well make 2020 the ‘Year of Chocolate’. With the Divine Chocolate Platter, and plates of perfect brownies covered in Valrhona chocolate drizzle, this just may be made possible. The aid of the savoury, the Rice Crispy Corn Dogand the Mai’Thiri Cheese Burger, will also be enlisted to help. 

By Jumana Shareef