“Meraki Celebrates International Coffee Day 2018”

Widely known throughout Malé for their exquisite coffee, Meraki is upping their game today to celebrate International Coffee Day.

Following the theme for the year “Women in Coffee”, their aim is to celebrate the empowerment of women in the coffee industry without any bias or prejudice. Special screenings are planned to take place through the day of documentaries showcasing eminent women in the coffee industry worldwide. Culminating with the release of a video prepared by the café titled “Coffee Women in Meraki”.

In addition, they are providing their customers with the unique opportunity to experience a handful of super rare beans. On offer are:

Bernadina – The most recent coffee variety to be discovered by the Pacas family in, situated in El Salvador. Named in Honor of the farm Manager who found it, Ruperto Bernadino Merche.

Yemen – Out of the Haraz Mountain region, one of the most ancient coffee growing region. Despite the War currently going on, it is amazing that such an excellent coffee made it out for us to experience.

Panama – Auromar, a geisha varietal from the farm of Roberto Brenes. Ranked #8 in the top coffees of 2017 with an astounding score of 96.

Esmeralda – Inspiring the book “God in a Cup” is a variety that is to native Ethiopia planted in Boquete Panama by Hacienda Esmeralda, that has gone on to break world coffee price records.

Also on schedule today is a performance by a female DJ (14:00hrs to 16:00hrs) and a special cupping session from four till eight. So what are you waiting for?

Words by Asy