“One steaming plate of bamboo biryani wrapped in history, please”

You know those cravings for a flavorful biryani on a typical Friday or randomly throughout the week? While it’s usually too much of a hassle to tend to and prepare, the comfort offered by a biryani is never sublime.

Enter, Bamboo Resto – a specialized biryani restaurant with home deliveries just a call away. Rich in flavor and steamed inside the cocoon of a large bamboo stalk, being served the biryani from Bamboo Resto is an experience in itself.

The waiters were kind enough to suggest side dishes and drinks to us as we ordered, and chatted with us about delivery times on Fridays (post-Friday prayers). We also didn’t have to wait for long before plates emerged and the waiter appeared holding a large steaming bamboo stalk. Using a metal rod, the back of the bamboo stalk was tapped several times while the dish poured out onto the plates. You cannot really go wrong with this dish, with a side of creamy raita and crunchy papad.

Image: Bamboo Resto

Looking up at one of the walls, we noticed small wordings next to the restaurant’s name – it said “history repeats”.  This bamboo enclosed dish has a history as deep and rich as its flavor- a history that is scattered across the dense forests of the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh, India.  Subject to British colonization and relocation, the indigenous Adivasis of Araku Valley were nonetheless resourceful. Bamboo shoots were used due to their sturdiness and ability to retain essential moisture while distributing heat evenly during cooking. They were also cheaper and more readily available than pots and pans – the ultimate essential to tackle colonial oppression through culinary arts.

Coming back approximately 1,873 kilometers to Male’, we were lucky to visit the restaurant on a cold, rainy afternoon. With the steam rising from our plates, the wafting aroma of spices certainly warmed our soul, and each bite contained a burst of rich spices and flavor. This establishment certainly did not hold back on marinating the juicy meat that completes a perfect biryani.

The Restaurant also has an ongoing happy hour promotion with 30 percent off any dine in meal, every day from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm till 30th November.

Words by Jumana


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