“Pizza Buona’s Cajun Crispy Chicken Pizza”

Never have I ever heard of nuts on a pizza as a topping, so when my friend—a pizza fanatic—recommended I try the Cajun Crispy Chicken from local pizzeria Pizza Buona, I was a bit iffy.

I love Cajun food, it’s so simple to cook and tastes amazing, so I agreed to give it a go, but only if she went along with me. After placing our order of one pie and two passion peach iced teas from the Henveiru outlet in Majeedhee Magu, we waited patiently. The pie arrived relatively quickly, shortly after the drinks.

With a hesitant first bite, I was awestruck. The cayenne and garlic blends well with the minced chicken, which had a mild spice to it with a hearty crisp, along with the thinly sliced onions and challis. The mozzarella cheese rounds it all together, making this unique pie an order I’ll frequently place from now on.

Both of us loved the passion iced tea we got—who would’ve known? I expected the pizza to be a bit spicier, but my friend assures me it was sufficiently spicy for her, so the teas sat idly until we finished eating.

Pizza Buona is slowly and steadily upping their pizza game. Be sure to consider them next time you’re looking to satiate your pizza cravings!

Words by Ifaz Ali
Photo by Pizza Buona