“Pizza Buona’s Subs”

Sometimes you just need something fast to eat, and a good old sub sandwich can fit the bill of being not only quick but comparatively cheap as well. My friend and I decided to undertake the taste test of submarines from Pizza Buona. If you thought they only served pizzas, you’re slightly mistaken.

We dropped by their Henveiru outlet on Majeedhee Magu. I’ve a particular affinity towards tandoori chicken but my friend suggested that I try something new. She chose the BBQ Chicken submarine while I went for the Buona Special submarine. We decided to split the halves so that we could have a taste of both.

The Buona Special had BBQ chicken and beef, pickles, bell pepper, cabbage, cucumber and a special homemade mayo sauce. You know from that first bite that this was exclusively made for meat lovers (fret not, they have a veggie option too). The veggies were plentiful but so were the meat, fortunately. I kept telling my friend that the cabbage was too overpowering – I felt they could have eased down on it a bit. I loved the soft bread (I don’t like it when it’s too stale). which appeared to have been made on the spot – fresh outta the oven.

The BBQ Chicken, as the name suggested, had BBQ chicken along with lettuce and special homemade mayo sauce. While I liked it, I wouldn’t exactly go for it a second time because I loved the Buona Special way too much by then.

The only problem I had was that both lacked flavor, more precisely, spice. I always like a bit of spice in my food, whether it’s pizza or submarine. What I didn’t realize was that they had an option of adding extra chili or any other topping of your choice. Speaking of which, they do have a Chili Chicken sub on the menu as well. I think I’ll opt for it the next time I’m there or decide to order in.

Words by Taste
Photos by Pizza Buona