“Rise of The Franchises”

Our tiny island nation never lacked where taste is involved; serving up a unique blend of flavours perfected over time, truly exclusive to the Maldivian islands. But what about foreign flavours? Male’ City is now booming with a myriad of noteworthy international brands and restaurants, bringing the culinary tastes from outside, straight to you! Here, we glance and recognise some of these brands, and take a look at what they have to offer and where they are!

Burger King
Founded in 1954, now an American multinational chain, and one of the titans of the fast food industry, Burger King has finally come to the capital after a short time at the airport. The outlet in the Male’ is located in Boduthakurufaanu Magu, right above the Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal, and also at Velana International Airport. You can dine-in, takeout, or have the food delivered to you. Hurry and grab yourself something from their limited-time, special offers!

Marrybrown Maldives
The first fast food restaurant to take its place in Male’ City, this Malaysian outlet is located in Boduthakurufaanu Magu too, in front of the Main Bus Stop. Marrybrown came a long way since its establishment in 1981. Unfortunately, Marrybrown does not deliver, but you can get takeaways and dine-in. The Maldivian outlet recently introduced new items to the menu; Korean Burger Combo, and the Korean Chicken Combo, as part of the Korean Hot Chicks Sensation. Matissuhyo!

Pizza Hut
The Italian-American pizza giant founded in 1958, may be famous for its pizzas, but the pastas on offer is as good as the pies! Male’s Pizza Hut has an abundance of hot deals and special offers at your disposal. For November, the Hut is giving away various sizes of pan pizzas at lowered prices, and offer other deals that would keep your wallet happy. As expected, Pizza Hut delivers pies, and alternatively you can dine in at the outlet, or get takeaway. Graby yourselfa slice or eight, from the outlet in Ameenee Magu, next to the BML Customer Service Center from the airport.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, another American joint founded in 1952, has a spot in Male’, in Ameenee Magu, almost adjacent to Pizza Hut. One of the two fast food restaurants residing in The Male’ Square, KFC also offers special deals and delivers, just like its neighbour! Share a bucket with your loved ones, or bring the bucket to them through takeaways. Keep an eye on their wall as they update the displays with what is new and their offers!


Chicking Maldives
A fairly new competitor in the fast food industry, with its inception in 2000 in UAE, Chicking has also found a new home in Male’ City, Ameer Ahmed Magu, right in front of Velaanaage. Offering everything chicken, immerse yourself in a poultry feast at the Male’ outlet. Alternatively, you can order it for takeaway or delivery. Keep an eye on the menu, as Chicking is expected to
introduce new additions within the year!

The Coffee Club Maldives
This coffeehouse-styled cafe’/restaurant created in 1989, took its position in the capital in
Boduthakurufaanu Magu, above the Hulhumale Ferry Terminal, neighbouring the Burger King
outlet. The outlet provides a unique blend of coffee bar meets restaurant, with a great view, making it perfect for a hang with friends. You can get anything from The Coffee Club Maldives delivered to you, served to you at the outlet, or packed for you to take it home. They have recently expanded their menu with additions to the meals and drinks they offer, and also to their pancake varieties.

Words by Ali Ifaz