“Ritzbury Caterer’s Superfine Choco”

It is Ramadan time. The season for all of us to get cooking. And one of the most important components of a good iftar spread is the dessert. An iftar table would be considered lacking if it does not contain some sort of cake, cookie, muffin or other sweety goodness. Some of the most anticipated desserts have one thing in common; good ole chocolate.


In any chocolate recipe, the ingredient that can make or break it is the cooking chocolate that you decide to use. This being the case, there is always a mad rush to find a good quality cooking chocolate that would take your dish from okay to scrumptious. And believe you me, this can be quite a task.

After countless years of experimenting, one of the best cooking chocolates that we have found in Male’ has got to be the Ritzbury Caterer’s (Superfine Choco) cooking chocolate. This cooking chocolate is super creamy and it melts down perfectly thus making it super easy to use. It is ideal for a multitude of uses from super dense brownies to fluffy
cookies. It also goes great in cookies (chopped up and substituted for chocochips).

Ritzbury Caterer’s (Superfine Choco) is offered in both Dark and Milk and is available for purchase in most supermarkets in Malé.

Words by Asy