“Rose Lemonade at Modus Operandi”

October was the month of Inktober, and Halloween, but more importantly it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many places all over the country had special offers or products to commemorate this, and from all these, what stood out most for me is the Rose Lemonade, available only at Modus Operandi Coffee Co.

Image by Modus Operandi Coffee Co

Specially crafted for the cause, there’s few words that can perfectly describe this pleasing pink drink. At it’s core, it’s a fairly simple lemonade beverage, enhanced with fruity notes (like pomegranate and citrus fruits) and the culprit behind the pink; rose syrup! The ingredients are perfectly balanced together to create a drink that is refreshing, smooth, and nearly impossible to stop at just one glass!

Modus Operandi Coffee Co. has been turning heads since its inception last year, and it doesn’t seem like they’re about to stop anytime soon. For now, though, get yourselves one (or maybe like five) of this delicious new signature!

Words by Ali Ifaz


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