“Ruhgandu Festival 2019”

“Ruhgandu Festival” proved to be a big hit with keen foodies taking advantage of this great opportunity to try delectable goodies brought to them by home-bakers. The festival was buzzing with people of all ages moving from one stall to the other, having a bit of this and a bit of that, while live music was performed in the background. This one-day event was hosted by Benefit and took place at Ruhgandu in Hulhumalé on the 3rd of August, from 4 PM to 11 PM.

While the festival opened its doors to a lot of small business owners, it also gave home-bakers a chance to display their goodies, introduce new ones to the market, and give customers a chance to sample their products. Being the foodies we are, we went by to visit some of the food stalls.

milkandyolk (Aisha) may not be a new name in the market because her famous homemade granola is served at Meraki, daily. But she brought something new to the table at the festival by introducing some new flavors; dark chocolate, and pepita and macadamia nuts. She also served some delicious chocolate oat cookies alongside.  The dark chocolate granola tasted great. Aisha also takes orders so if you missed out, fear not; you can always reach out to her on social media.

She was joined by Spezie (Lara and Yusy) who are relatively new to the market but probably has a loyal following already – their scrumptious chicken and beef lasagne bites were a big hit at the festival and with us, of course. It was the best we have had in a while. Hit them up on Instagram and get your lasagne fix!

Ginger Bakes (Shaadhny) is famous for her delicious desserts, both pleasing to the eyes and taste buds. The cheesy pesto bread and chicken buns were however the stars of the show, we could not have enough. The stall was lovely with a lot of great food. (Ruksha) also had a cute little stall which served desserts and macarons of different flavors such as chocolate, passion fruit, salted caramel and cinnamon, and lemon and poppy seed. For the savories, pesto mozzarella sliders and Philly cheese steak sliders were available – we missed out on the pesto mozzarella but the Philly cheese steak was great.

We were too full to try anything else by the time we were done, but we do not want to miss out on naming the rest of the amazing bakers here. Do check them out.

To conclude, we enjoyed the festival a lot and we are definitely looking forward to the next one.

Photos by Benefit