“Saturday Breakfast at The Rock Chamber”

I’ve often heard The Rock Chamber mentioned by the younger generation of the house, but always assumed it to be a buzzing and mysterious place too trendy for oldies like me. So in fact, I’d never been there.

That is, until the daughter took the mother for breakfast in this beautiful neighborhood of Hulhumale. And impressed I was, both by how peaceful the area was, and by the food at The Rock Chamber.

Adamant to have a good breakfast, one that satisfied my taste buds yet didn’t leave me too full, the Rock Chamber Signature Special was just the answer. With gorgeous fried eggs, and mushrooms and tomatoes, together with the ever so tasty potato, balancing the salty taste of the garlic sausages and turkey ham, and accompanied with toast, jam & butter, I was more than happy with the beautifully presented meal.

They also offer a couple of other deliciously named breakfasts, Kiss of Dawn (eggs, turkey strips with toast, jam n butter) and Rock that Waffle (bubble waffles served with ice cream, bananas or strawberries). And black tea or orange juice.

Going to breakfast with a large group may be safer where they have a buffet catering to all tastes. But since Roshi and Mashuni are staples at home, I always want a lighter, something different.

The Rock Chamber lived up to its name, with the décor paying homage to rock music. But it was way more than a trendy place. Being an incredibly hot Saturday morning, the dark and cool interior was quite welcoming. And luckily for me, there were only a handful of people there, so it was actually quite peaceful and cozy too. Note to self: don’t be put off by the name or image of a place, if the food is good, it’s all good.

Words by Fasah
Photogs by The Rock Chamber